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Spanish Cedar Humidor Shavings For Relative Humidity (RH) Control And Flavor Enhancement

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Spanish Cedar is the preferred method for proper relative humidity (RH) regulation of cigar humidors.  It's an amazing wood, which absorbs excess moisture, and also releases moisture in dry conditions.  It also amplifies certain characteristics of cigars, adding that cedar hint that many cigar enthusiasts perfect in their humidor aging process.

We've grabbed humidor-quality Spanish Cedar remnants in the form of shavings from our manufacturing process, and are pleased to sell these as a supplemental form of humidor enhancement.  Cheap humidors need these, and finer humidors will be enhanced by using these shavings as a bed layer for your cigars.  These shavings are also great to add an authentic Spanish Cedar treatment to jar humidors, tupperdors and travel humidors.  

  • Spanish Cedar helps regulate humidity by absorbing excess moisture
  • Spanish Cedar is naturally mold resistant
  • Spanish Cedar's essential oils repel bugs like the tobacco beetle
  • Spanish Cedar has a pleasing aroma
  • Humidor grade Spanish Cedar to enhance any humidor