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"Perfect Ash" Ashtray with Stainless Steel Cigar Rest and Black Wooden Handcrafted Base

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The perfect ashtray that treats your cigar like a king. 

These ash trays come out of the love of cigars, hand crafted and finished by our cigar humidor craftsmen at the humidor shop in Vera Cruz.  We use the same wood for the base that we use in the Cigar City Humidors, and the same hand applied finishes.  The tray rest and basin are stainless steel, encased in the natural wood base with multi-layered hand lacquered finishes.  

The ash tray is called "Perfect Ash" because this ash tray was designed with a unique feature for your cigars.  We don't want you to rest your cigar ash on any part of the tray itself, because our craftsmen believe that can cause cigar canoeing where the cigar burns unevenly.  The design of this tray cradles your cigar with the ash suspended mid-air over the ash tray.  This eliminates direct contact between the tray and your cigar while the cigar is resting, and allows for a natural burn.