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CHOMPS Knife Steel Cigar Cutters

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After a long day of making multi-million dollar deals you want to unwind with a cigar. No problem you’ll get your fancy $600 cigar cutter out. “Where did I leave it? The yacht? The jet? The estate in French Polynesia? I don’t have time for this nonsense. I guess I will try this plastic one.” CRUNCH. Your cigar is going to be an hour of disappointment as it falls apart due to a cut that looks like the help hit it with a lawn mower. There must be a solution to this horrendous problem! Enter CHOMPS™ by BCIC Cigar Co. Finally, a cigar cutter that makes sense. They cut very well, but you don’t care if you lose them. Why? Because they’re a quarter of the price so you bought 10 of them. Like a ballpoint pen they last as long as you can keep track of them. Available in classic and scissor styles. Should they ever have an issue, rest assured BCIC Cigar Co will take care of you with our same legendary customer service you have come to expect with our humidors. Also, we believe in doing good, 10% of the proceeds of EVERY BCIC sale goes to humanitarian causes worldwide. Because I Can…

  • Constructed out of knife steel
  • Exclusive ToughSharp Grind strikes the balance of sharpness and durability
  • Compact and light enough to bring anywhere
  • Legendary BCIC Cigar Co. Customer Support
  • 10% to humanitarian causes worldwide