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80 Cigar Authentic Spanish Cedar Humidor from BCIC, Made in North America

Sale price $199.99 Regular price $500.00

Color:Gloss Black

Chinese humidors are sometimes hard to even consider a humidor. Sure there are big elaborate looking Chinese humidors on the web, but most fail at what they were built for. They often have problems closing in any level of humidity forcing the owner to refill the humidification element way too often. Others are made of scrap grade components in order to offer the lowest possible price. Every single BCIC Humidor is handcrafted in Latin America by cigar aficionados for cigar aficionados not in a Chinese sweatshop. Beautiful finishes, spanish cedar internals, and a lid that is almost impossible to slam due to air pressure. Bottom line, if you want the best humidor for your cigars, you want a BCIC. 

  • Made in a country that embraces cigar culture, by cigar aficionados for cigar aficionados. Not in a Chinese sweatshop.
  • Gorgeous finishes, Spanish cedar internals and handcrafted attention to detail.
  • Impossible to slam lid due to air pressure and an amazing seal.
  • Includes a cigar cutter, humidification liquid, and a BCIC brochure.