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Our first ever Cigar City Humidors™ model from Park Lane is in production now! The series name is a nod to our hometown of Tampa, FL and its heritage as the leading cigar manufacturing city in the United States around the turn of the last century.

This special edition humidor is a 50-cigar humidor, perfect for protecting a special collection of limited edition cigars! Constructed of solid Spanish cedar, this awesome new design will come with a Burgundy layered, hand coated glossy finish.  There's really no comparison between this North American manufactured humidor and the cheap Chinese import knockoffs.  We guarantee you will love the craftsmanship, the details, and the quality or you can send it back for a full refund.  

What we designed is a  perfectly constructed humidor that will last a lifetime.  A perfect seal, a perfect multi-layered hand finish, and a perfect footprint.  It comes with a precise analog hygrometer. It's large enough that you could slip a humidification pack in instead of the standard, included humidifier.  Down the line, we may add a humidification pack insert accessory, and if we do we will ship one free of charge at that time to any of our customers that has this humidor.  As a 50-cigar humidor, there's enough room to do that and still store your special boxes in perfect humidity.  

  • 4.8" x 10.7" x 9.4" - perfect dimensions for your favorite collectable boxes of cigars
  • Gorgeous finishes, Spanish cedar internals and handcrafted attention to detail
  • Impossible to slam lid due to air pressure and an amazing seal.
  • Includes a plastic cigar cutter and starter humidification liquid bottle

Designed with the true cigar aficionado in mind! With the high cost of a quality cigar becoming more and more commonplace, a high quality, well-crafted humidor is becoming a must have for anyone serious about preserving the quality of their tobacco. Proper aging and moisture retention of a good quality cigar is imperative in preserving and enhancing the taste of any fine tobacco. All Cigar City Humidors™ are crafted with Spanish cedar on the inside for superior moisture retention and a hand lacquered finish on the exterior for a scratch resistant, high quality finish. The hand lacquered coating gives these humidors an exceptional heirloom quality finish. Crafted in Veracruz Mexico, in the heart of the cigar industry, Cigar City Humidors™ are built to be air-tight and retain a moisture level of approximately 68-74% humidity at all times. Considered the ideal moisture content to obtain an even burn and extract the best possible flavor from most any cigar. Don't waste a good cigar by using an inferior humidor. Your cigars deserve a Cigar City Humidor™ made in North America.