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5 Cigar "Seasoned Traveler" Authentic Spanish Cedar Travel Humidor, Made in North America

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Series: Traveler |  Size: 5 Cigars

Also available in Burgundy, Mahogany or Cedar Gloss Finish

Viajero [ve-ah-hay’-ro] -Traveler.

The traveler goes where he pleases, he has nowhere he needs to be. His jet is fueled and ready for a moment's notice. His humidor is The Viajero by BCIC Cigar Co. It allows him the ability to maintain his cigars while away from his home humidor for as long as it takes. The Viajero affords his cigars the accuracy and longevity of much larger humidors for the perfect smoke anywhere in the world.  Most travel cigar cases are not real humidors.  You want real one made from Spanish Cedar only from BCIC - the Seasoned Traveler.   Because you can...

  • North-American hand crafted quality
  • Gorgeous Glossy 8 Layer Hand Applied Finish
  • Analog Hygrometer
  • Credo pro-grade humidifier (the same one that is in our larger humidors)
  • Engravable Plate
  • Spanish Cedar Internals
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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