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30 Cigar Authentic Hand Crafted Spanish Cedar Humidor by BCIC, Made in North America

Sale price $139.99 Regular price $189.99

Series: BCIC Cigar |  Size: 30 Cigars

Are you itching for something better than the imported Chinese humidors? The best humidor line available from BCIC Cigar. Our Platinum Series ParkLane models are made by cigar people for cigar people. They are meticulously handcrafted in Latin-America where cigars are a large part of the culture and life rather than China where cost comes before quality. Each humidor is hand sanded and our gorgeous finish is applied in eight layers. There is no comparison to the quality of the fit and finish. If you want cheaper, buy a Chinese humidor, but who wants to trade quality for price on a luxury good? These humidors are designed to last generations. It is very hard to find quality like this for a price this low. 

  • Hygrometer
  • Humidifier
  • Perfect Seal Lid
  • Spanish Cedar Internals Maintain Consistent Humidity Levels
  • Razor Sharp Cigar Cutter Is Included
  • Our Cigar Humidification Liquid Is Included
  • 30 Cigar Capacity