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Cigar City Humidors Special Edition 16 Cigar Authentic Vertical Design (Spanish Cedar with Burgundy Gloss Finish)

Sale price $99.99 Regular price $179.99

This hand crafted Cigar City Humidors™ model from BCIC is available for a limited time with a Burgundy Gloss Finish. The series name is a nod to our hometown of Tampa, FL and its heritage as the leading cigar manufacturing city in the United States around the turn of the last century.

This limited edition humidor is a 16-cigar humidor, perfect for protecting a special collection of your favorite cigars! Constructed of real solid Spanish cedar, this awesome new design comes with a hand coated rich and deep matte finish.  

What we designed is a perfectly constructed and balanced humidor that will last a lifetime.  A perfect seal, a perfect multi-layered hand finish, and a perfect footprint.  It comes with a precise analog hygrometer. 

This is one of our smaller footprint desktop humidors, with a felt bottom that sits comfortably on your finest furniture. It accommodates cigars up to 7 1/2" (for reference, Churchills are generally 7" and double coronas are typically 7 1/2"), and you'll be amazed at how classy this looks sitting on a desk, mantle, bar or bookshelf.

Most cigar manufacturers overstate their cigar counts for marketing points.  While technically true that this can hold up to 16 small ring gauge cigars, you'll find more practically that 10-12 cigars are what you will keep in here regularly.   

✔ HAND CRAFTED: Gorgeous finishes, Spanish cedar internals and handcrafted attention to detail in North America

✔ PERFECT SEAL: Impossible to slam lid due to air pressure and an amazing seal with a heavy lid

✔ PERFECT HUMIDITY : Accurate analog hygrometer

✔ LOW MAINTENANCE: Humidifier is easy to maintain with a perfect seal

✔ DESK SIZED : Our vertical humidor sits like a trophy on your desk or mantle.  It's 9" tall with a 4"x 4" base.