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"Viva Mexico!" Special Edition Hand Crafted 125 Cigar Spanish Cedar Humidor from Park Lane

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 "Viva Mexico!"

It means "Long Live Mexico," and it's a battle cry from the Independence War (1810-1821), fought to liberate the Mexican-born from the Spanish oppressors. Priest Miguel Hidalgo started this war with shouting"Viva Mexico"from a church balcony in the town of Dolores. For this reason, "Viva Mexico" is also known as the Cry of Dolores.

Every year at 11 p.m. on September 15, the president and many mayors all over Mexico enact the Cry of Dolores to remember the heroes from the Independence war: Long live Hidalgo, long live Morelos, and many more. September 15 is the largest celebration for people in Mexico.

What a perfect name for a humidor made by our factory in Veracruz, Mexico..  

  • Quality humidor with mahogany gloss hand lacquered finish.
  • Spanish cedar lining for superior moisture retention and proper aging
  • Quality hygrometer and humidifier with brass hardware
  • Holds up to 125 cigars, measures 15.15" x 11.81" x 5.31"
  • Artfully hand crafted in Veracruz, Mexico

Each year our sister company holds a contest with the purpose to show the richness and diversity of Mexican culture through our products. Young people are invited to develop a graphic proposal, to later translate it into our humidors.  This artwork was selected from hundreds of entrants and is available for a limited time as our special edition winning submission.  

Designed with the true cigar aficionado in mind! With the high cost of a quality cigar becoming more and more commonplace, a high quality, well-crafted humidor is becoming a must have for anyone serious about preserving the quality of their tobacco. Proper aging and moisture retention of a good quality cigar is imperative in preserving and enhancing the taste of any fine tobacco. All Park Lane humidors are crafted with Spanish cedar on the inside for superior moisture retention and a hand lacquered finish on the exterior for a scratch resistant, high quality finish. The hand lacquered coating gives these humidors an exceptional heirloom quality finish.

Crafted in Veracruz Mexico, in the heart of the cigar industry, Park Lane humidors are built to be air-tight and retain a moisture level of approximately 68-74% humidity at all times. Considered the ideal moisture content to obtain an even burn and extract the best possible flavor from most any cigar. Don't waste a good cigar by using an inferior humidor. Your cigars deserve a Park Lane!