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Smoking cigars may be a great source of pleasure in your life, but the courteous smoker knows that not everyone enjoys the taste (or smell!) of a good Cuban.  With the fervor of anti-smoking campaigns still in full swing, the importance of enjoying a good stogie while not offending others cannot be stressed enough.

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Tampa based Metron Bios LLC is pleased to announce the asset acquisition of BCIC Humidors from BCIC Cigar. BCIC, one of the only humidor companies with manufacturing in North America, is known for using authentic Spanish Cedar in their humidors. A limited transitional assortment of humidors is currently available directly from the company at, with over two dozen cigar humidor models shipping this fall to finer cigar retailers nationwide.

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Long associated with the rich and powerful, cigars evoke images of relaxation and rich flavor. A culture around the art of smoking, created and debated by cigar aficionados, assembles various theories and accessories to facilitate or enhance smoking. Cigar smoking, much like wine tasting, has for many years been viewed as a diversion of the elite of society.

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What are the basics of cigar smoking?  How do you light a cigar? How do you draw on the cigar properly?  Do you inhale? What are the dos and don'ts of cigar smoking? If you have ever pondered any of these questions, read on.  Here is a simple and accessible primer designed to help you gain familiarity with the sometimes confusing, always enigmatic world of cigar smoking. 

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For many years I have gone to different arts and crafts sales. Initially I went to purchase items for our home and also to get ideas for crafts that I could make as gifts. There are always beautiful pieces of work at the various shows. There are also things that I would be embarrassed to admit to making. I cannot believe that some people would pay for a stand to sell poor quality ugly things. Now that my home is decorated and I have given up on making crafts, I still go to the craft shows just to see what...

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