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Variants Of Cigar Ashtrays

Posted by David Happe on

Everybody give a lot of importance to all kinds of accessories they use from their personal wear to their cars to their deco`s at home. In the same way even small things like Cigar ashtrays are something to be given attention to.

Important features to look for:

The simplest, most common ashtray design is that of a circle with a hollow cylindrical rim around a flat surface. Now more and more people are looking for different features in their Cigar Ashtrays. Like the size of the container, it should be large and deep enough to hold all the ash-drops that the cigar creates. You should also see that the ashtray is sturdy enough to absorb an incidental shock and also not slippery. Another important feature is that the width of the ashtray should be big enough to support a cigar on a horizontal level otherwise the cigar would be tilting down with the coal resting in the base of the tray. So, this can suffocate the one side that is touching the tray and cause the cigar to burn unevenly.

These days you would also find ashtrays with three notches at the edges, two to the width of a cigarette and one to that of the diameter of a cigar. The purpose of these notches is to provide as rests for your cigars or cigarettes while still burning. Every other minute you take a puff from your cigar you should be careful to drop the ashes in the ashtray, you surely do not want to spill the ashes everywhere .Also keep your cigar safe in the ashtray notches, obviously it will be difficult to keep your cigar in your hand the whole time when you have to do some work or get something.

Kinds of Ashtrays:

Ashtrays are something that are not only kept in your house but also in common public places like restaurants, toilets etc to keep the places clean and tidy. You would find ashtrays manufactured from glass, porcelain, stoneware, silver and even aluminium. If you are looking for an antique touch then you could probably go for wood. Crystal ashtrays are also very popular these days. They give you a more sophisticated look. The clear crystal refracts light and is a beautiful accessory for your home or office. You will find them in all shapes and sizes, rectangular, circular, square etc. They are elegant and artistically shaped crystal cigar ashtrays.

When it comes to technology it has given us probably everything we could have wanted. And now with modern technology there are smokeless cigar ashtrays now. These ashtrays collect the smoke as the cigar is at rest. While the smoke is driven to the device the air around is cleaned. For those who cannot tolerate smoke this is a life saver for them and also for smokers as they can smoke without oppressing their fellow companions.

With so many different kinds of ashtrays available you can now choose the right one for your place!


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