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Finding a Quality Cigar Store

Posted by David Happe on

The cigar shop of yesteryear has been increasingly replaced by a virtual version that offers the same wide variety of cigar brands, humidors and accessories, but knows no geographical boundaries and offers products at a fraction of the cost.  Truly, online cigar stores have played a major role in the cigar boom of the last decade, revolutionizing the industry and making the purchasing of cigars cheap, hassle-free and anonymous.

Cigar stores both on and offline provide a large assortment of brands, from the inexpensive to the premium.  Some of the most popular brands in the U.S. include the many varieties of Macanudos, as well as Montecristos and Nat Shermans.  They come with a full range of prices that appeal to both the serious aficionado and the occasional, recreational smoker.  

Of course, the most sought after type of cigar remains the Cuban variety, which makes them both more expensive and more difficult to find.  Fortunately for cigar lovers, the onset of the Internet in addition to the relaxation of government sanctions regarding the importation of Cuban goods has made it much easier for U.S. citizens to enjoy the many Cuban flavors available for the serious smoker.  However, be advised that Cuban cigars are still illegal to order online for shipment to the United States, and can be confiscated at any step of the distribution process.

In addition to cigars, cigar stores stock various accessories available for purchase.  The most common, and the most essential item is the humidor, which serves to preserve, protect and display a collection of cigars.  Humidors vary greatly in shape and size, from a small box holding just a few items, to a full, climate controlled room, but each serves to provide the optimum temperature and humidity for lasting flavor.  

Other products available include containers, cigar cutters, lighters and cases.  Cuban Crafters, an online cigar store featuring premium cigars as well as a full range of accessories, even offers gift packages for cigar lovers of all kinds.  

While some cigar aficionados still enjoy the occasional trip to their local smoke shop, online cigar stores are clearly the wave of the future and can be credited in large part for the dramatic increase in sales to the U.S. since the early 1990’s.

One direct to consumer recommendation we have from personal preference is Tabanero Cigars out of Ybor City (Tampa), Florida.  They make hand rolled cigars, shippable anywhere in the United States.  Check them out online, or visit their shop on your next trip to Florida.  


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