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BCIC Humidors Relocates to Cigar City (Tampa, Florida) and Launches 12 New Humidors

Posted by David Happe on

BCIC Humidors Relocates to Cigar City (Tampa, Florida) and Launches 12 New Humidors

Tampa based Metron Bios LLC is pleased to announce the asset acquisition of BCIC Humidors from BCIC Cigar. BCIC, one of the only humidor companies with manufacturing in North America, is known for using authentic Spanish Cedar in their humidors. A limited transitional assortment of humidors is currently available directly from the company at, with over two dozen cigar humidor models shipping this fall to finer cigar retailers nationwide.

Tampa, Florida is the home of Ybor City, also known as “Cigar City.” Founded as an independent town in 1885 by a group of cigar manufacturers, by the 1920’s Cigar City was producing almost half a billion hand-rolled cigars every year. BCIC plans a nod to the heritage of it’s new hometown with a Cigar City Humidor featuring Spanish Cedar wood and some promotional tie-ins to the surviving Florida cigar industry. BCIC’s limited edition Cigar City Humidor model will launch in October as part of over two dozen new products launching from BCIC starting Fall 2019.o

BCIC’s relocation to Tampa comes at an opportune time to turn some Cigar City innovation and jobs back towards Tampa as Thompson Cigar Company, the oldest mail order cigar company in the country announced they were closing their doors locally and will take over 100 jobs and more than a hundred years of history with it when the new Scandinavian Tobacco Group acquired the company and relocated them to Pennsylvania. The majority of layoffs at Thompson were scheduled to take place at the end of June. A much smaller staff will stay in place to wrap things up through the end of the year. While BCIC’s manufacturing will be in Mexico, they plan to gradually build up the entire company infrastructure in Tampa including sales, marketing, direct to consumer fulfillment, bulk warehousing and distribution.

For additional information, retail buyer inquiries or product launch announcements, please visit and sign up for announcements. You can also join the companies several thousand fans on Instagram (bcic_cigar_humidors), or be one of their first fans on a brand new Facebook page (


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