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Luxurious Cigar Humidors Made Where Tobacco is Grown...

Because I Can...

...By Hand out of traditional Spanish cedars...

Because I Can...

...By Aficionados Who Know Cigars...

Because I Can...

... to last a lifetime

Because I Can...

A Passion for Excellence.

The cigars you smoke have a story, and we believe the humidor you store them in should be constructed with the same passion.

What do Padron, Arturo-Fuente, Cohiba, Rocky Patel, Macanudo, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and Partagas have in common? These famous cigar brands have a story and a process that makes them special. Cigar brands are painstakingly built by true cigar aficionados over multiple generations. They have poured blood sweat and tears into every cigar, making sure every single detail is perfect. They work to have their products put into the finest shops worldwide and cigar shops work extremely hard to maintain these cigars with extreme precision.

BCIC Cigar is one of only 3 humidor companies in the world that can carry on this kind of passion into your home. 

See What Aficionados Have to say...

This is a finely crafted, beautifully finished humidor. It was everything I expected. Easy to season and keeps my cigars fresh with minimal maintenance. I filled the humidifier 4 weeks ago and have not had to add water or adjust it yet. I am very happy with this purchase!

John Cintineo

Simple and elegant at same time. Constructed with purpose in mind. High quality materials and tight tolerances create a very good seal and solid good looks that maintain consistent humidity.

Mike Delvinsope

Ordered a "blemished" one a few months ago. After properly seasoning, this has held a constant level of 70-72. The humidor's seal is perfect, you couldn't slam the lid if you wanted to. I should also note that the "blemish" is almost completely unnoticeable. They truly strive for perfection on their "new" boxes. 

This is an extremely attractive humidor, and my buddies who use the cheap ones by "quality importers" are extremely jealous. This seller is clearly proud of their product, and I am proud to own it. Check out their website!

Steven Thomas

Have had it for a few months now and refilled the sponge only once. My six feel and taste great as they are being held to a great humidity level. You can feel the closure grab as you close it and have to put just a little effort in opening it since the seal is excellent. looks great too.

Djsjeepn -Amazon Customer

Been following BCIC Cigars for a while absolute love this humidor. I won it in one of their amazing contest. Being in the military it is perfect for those long missions to uncertainty. Keeps my stogies super protected and fresh. Just love it!!!!!!!!!!

Alvin Henley -Black Pearl Owner

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